Attending a Presentation or
Scheduling a Talk for your Organization

Meeting interesting people and telling them stories of our state's past is one of Walter Woodward's favorite duties as state historian. If you'd like to attend one of Walt's upcoming talks, check the Online Calendar.

If you'd like to have Walt give a presentation to you're group, there are a number of different historical lecture topics related to Connecticut history for  you to choose from. Especially engaging are a number of new presentations incorporation presentations, images, and live music, which Walt often presents with one or more guest musicians. (Many people don't know this, but in his younger years Woodward  was a hit country music songwriter.) 

Most lectures last from 30 to 45 minutes,  Generally these are richly illustrated through an accompanying Power Point slide show. Walt will bring his own computer and LCD projector, but organizations should provide a stand for the computer, a projection screen, and extension cords and/or power strips sufficient for two plugs.  

Send an email to OR call the Office of the State Historian at 
(860) 570-9089.

Current List of Available Talks: