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Have a question about Connecticut History? How about crowdsourcing it to hundreds of experts, enthusiasts, and museum professionals?

CTHISTORY-L is a new email listserv (i.e. a moderated message board) that has brought together more than 500 people who love Connecticut history, and who collectively have expertise on virtually every aspect of it. If you are curious about almost anything Connecticut, someone here will have the answer you’re looking for. And oh yeah — it’s free and open to everyone. Please join us!





Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is CTHISTORY-L?

CTHISTORY-L serves as a communication center and discussion forum for Connecticut’s history and heritage communities. Sponsored by the Office of the State Historian, CTHISTORY-L promotes the free exchange of ideas and collaborative endeavors among the state’s historians, educators, museum professionals, genealogists, preservationists, archivists, historical interpreters, and others interested in the history of the Nutmeg state.

CTHISTORY-L is a moderated email list, or “Listserv.” The List functions as a simple online message board where subscribers post messages and replies to one another via email. All submitted messages are moderated by the Office of the State Historian before they are posted to the List.


2. How do I subscribe?

Subscription is easy and free! To subscribe, simply send an email to listserv@listserv.uconn.edu that contains the text “SUBSCRIBE CTHISTORY-L,” followed by your first and last name. The subject field of the email should be blank. Clicking the button below will auto-generate the email for you. Be sure to send your subscription request from the email address you want to be associated with the CTHISTORY-L List!



And that’s it! You should automatically receive a confirmation email from listserv@listserv.uconn.edu.  (Make sure listserv@listserv.uconn.edu is to your email “safe sender” list; all your CTHISTORY-L messages will come from that email address.)

You may also unsubscribe from the List at any time by sending a blank email (no message text and no subject heading) to CTHISTORY-L-signoff-request@listserv.uconn.edu.


3. How do I post (or reply to) a message on CTHISTORY-L?

It’s easy! Send your message as an email with your desired subject heading to CTHISTORY-L@LISTSERV.UCONN.EDU. Your messages should be either plain text or use minimal HTML markup (keep in mind that some subscribers might only be able to read messages as plain text).

You must subscribe to CTHISTORY-L in order to receive or reply to messages posted to the List. As a reminder, all messages submitted to CTHISTORY-L are moderated by the Office of the State Historian before they are posted to the List.


4. Can I include images or attachments in my messages?

No. Emails to the List cannot contain any embedded images or file attachments. You can, however, include links to images or files hosted elsewhere (e.g. if you have an online brochure, event website, or video to which you would like to direct visitors).


5. Can I view an archive of past messages that have been posted to CTHISTORY-L?

Yes! All List messages are archived, grouped by month, at UConn’s Listserv website. You can browse the CTHISTORY-L archives at any time by visiting cthistorylist.org.



6. I love CT History, but I’m getting too many emails from the List! Can I choose to receive List emails in batches instead of one-by-one?

You sure can! We love it when the List generates lots of emails — it means a lot of great discussion is going on — but we sympathize with those of you whose email inboxes always seem too full.  There are two types of subscriptions to CTHISTORY-L: “Regular” and “Digest.”  To change your subscription preference, please email Rachel at rachel.l.smith@uconn.edu and specify which subscription option you would like.

A Regular subscription will generate one new email per message posted to the List, which is sent out as soon as the message has been approved and posted.  Digest subscriptions send a maximum of ONE email a day which contains ALL messages that were posted during that day.  (If there were no messages posted that day, you won’t receive any Digest emails.) Regardless of which type of subscription you have, you can view the most up-to-date messages and replies on the CTHISTORY-L archives at cthistorylist.org.




If you have any additional questions about CTHISTORY-L, please email Rachel at rachel.l.smith@uconn.edu.


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