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A Note from the State Historian

It’s amazing how many ways Connecticut’s people find to share, celebrate, and enjoy our proud past.  On Main Streets and town greens, in class rooms and on campuses,  through parades, festivals, exhibits, and talks, Connecticans are always finding new ways to make the stories that made us what we are come vividly alive.  Meanwhile, throughout the state, historians, educators, archivists, genealogists, and museums are continuously researching and rethinking our stories, to make sure the lessons of the past remain useful for today and tomorrow.

Connecticut has played a unique, and uniquely important role in the creation of the United States’ culture. Because we were one of the first colonies, and because we sent so many sons and daughters to be the seed stock of other states, Connecticut’s story is truly, and deeply, an American story in every way.

As Connecticut’s State Historian, I am honored to play a part in keeping our stories alive and vital.  I hope that while you explore this website you will learn more about the many ways the Office of the State Historian supports history throughout all the communities of our remarkable, and remarkably historic state. 

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Walter W. Woodward
Connecticut State Historian
Associate Professor of History
University of Connecticut 

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