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Walt continues to share his love of Connecticut and New England’s fascinating history with audiences near and far.  To attend one of his upcoming talks, check the Current Talk Schedule to see if there’s an event near you.  As you will see I the list below, Walt has added a  number of new additions to a lecture  list of perennial favorites. And, with his Band of Steady Habits, Walt and company present performances that combine lectures, images, and live music, too.   (Many people don’t know this, but in his early days Woodward wrote a couple of minor country music hits and was a mega-award-winning composer of advertising jingles.)

How to Book Walt For a Talk:

  1. Choose a talk topic from the list below.
  2. Choose a few possible dates for the talk. (We recommend checking the Current Talk Schedule online before selecting your dates.) Please note that there is a fee for speaking engagements.
  3. Review the technical requirements (see the following section) for hosting a talk below.
  4. Contact Walt by email or phone to confirm availability.

Email: waltwould@gmail.com

Phone: (860) 218-4703

Requirements for Hosting a Talk

Most of Walt Woodward’s lectures last from 45 to 60 minutes and are richly illustrated through an accompanying Power Point slide show. Walt will bring his own computer and LCD projector.  Organizations should provide the following for the day of the lecture:

  • A stand or small table for Walt’s laptop and projector
  • A podium or lectern
  • A projection screen
  • Extension cords and/or power strips sufficient for two 3-prong plugs
  • Payment at the end of the lecture

There is a fee for lectures from the  Current Talk List  commensurate with he size of the anticipated audience, nature of the organization, and travel time involved.  Please contact Walt Woodward directly  for details. Musical programs and lectures requiring specialized research are more costly. Please visit the Band of Steady Habits website for details and requirements for musical bookings.

To explore the list of currently available talks, use the website’s header menu or click on any of the links below.

Current Talk List:

  • Creating Connecticut: Critical Moments That Shaped a Great State (Priority in 2020) The italicized sub-topics are a few of the possible focus-points for a Creating Connecticut book talk.
    • Sweet Democracy –– the Amazing History of the Connecticut Election Cake
    • Rooted in Place: The Centuries-Long Story of Lyman Orchards
    • Governor John Dempsey, Son of Cahir
    • Mark Twain and the Historic House Problem

List of Presentations with Live Music:

All of the talks listed below feature historical lectures with live music played by the Band of Steady Habits. For information on how to book one of the talks listed below, please visit the Band of Steady Habits website.

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