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Connecticut has played a uniquely important role in the creation of United States culture. Because we were one of the first colonies, and because we sent so many sons and daughters to be the seed stock of other states, Connecticut’s story is truly, and deeply, the American story in every way. As Connecticut’s State Historian, I am honored to play a part in keeping our past alive and vital. I hope that on this website you will find new ways to both enjoy and support history throughout our remarkable and remarkably historic state.

We are especially grateful for  the generous support of the Sue B. Hart Foundation, which has made so much of this work possible.


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  • 128. A Connecticut Historian Makes History: Recovering Phyllis Wheatley's Lost Years October 15, 2021
    A Connecticut Historian Makes History:  Recovering Phyllis Wheatley’s Lost Years   UCONN legal historian Cornelia Hughes Dayton was searching through Massachusetts Court cases from the 1700s, working on a project involving mental disabilities in early America, when she came upon a find that was itself history-making:  a cache of court cases that illuminate the formerly […]
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    Are you your family’s historian? The one that listens to all the elders' stories or digs into that big box of old family photographs? Ever wonder how many of your dad’s stories are really true? Or if you have a big family secret that hasn’t been revealed for generations? If so, this episode is for […]