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1812: The War Connecticut Hated

1812: The War Connecticut Hated

45 min
War of 1812, Early Republic, Political History, Economic History, Secession and Dissent

When people think of the War of 1812 (if they think of it at all), they often call it the Second War for American Independence. That’s because this conflict finally resolved long-festering issues between America and Great Britain left in the wake of the American Revolution. Among these issues were freedom of the seas, control of the West, treaty obligations, and the fate of Canada.

But from another perspective, the War of 1812 might be called America’s first Civil War, for it bitterly divided the North and the South and led to calls for Northern, not Southern, secession. This talk will explain why the War of 1812 was the most hated war in Connecticut history, and the many ways the state fiercely resisted the federal war effort.


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